1. Farrukh says

    great job awsom collection…..:)

    1. Saleem Akash says

      Thank you farukh

  2. zilehuma says

    this is awsome book ..i have ever seen in my life ,,,,,,,,,,,,i love this book 🙂

    1. Saleem Akash says

      thank you zille huma….. best wishes for you.

  3. Nadia Kashish says

    tinkay is the best poetry collection by a young and energetic poet saleem aakaash. congratulations.

    1. Saleem Akash says

      It is my honor dear nadia.

  4. Ahsan Choudhry says

    lovely <3

  5. Muhammad Sufyan Ahsan says

    Sir i most like this book
    very best book
    i want this book can u give me this book if u have

    1. Editor says

      برادرم! یہ کتاب موجود ہے۔ اگر آپ حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو اپنا ایڈریس اور تین سو روپے (مع ڈاک خرچ) ارسال کر دیجئے۔

  6. MaHi MaLiK says

    you worked very nycccccccc itX OSM poetryyyy

  7. Maheen says


  8. Maheen says

    Very nice book I like it….:-)

  9. Aziz ur rehmaan says

    Sir Asslam o Alaikum…
    apko fb py bahot search kiya but aj achanak google ny hi masla hal kr diya…

  10. ch rafaqat says

    sir g kamal ke collection ha Mahala ?✌?

  11. ch rafaqat says

    nice sir bhoat khoob bht achi poetry ha

  12. Usman Nadeem says

    Proud on u sir!
    God bless u!
    Honour to be ur student!

  13. Hamid Elahi says

    Sir! You are great as well as your book "Tinky”

  14. Yasin balouch says

    Mashallah sir very good collection

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