1. Salamat Ali says

    First off, I wish to thank you in the outstanding as well as informative access. secondly, i want to appriciate mr. saleemi to give us a unique creations.

  2. Samna (Bosnia) says

    akhtar raza salim is the lejend person of urdu society. i appriciate him from the core of my heart.

  3. Usman Atta says

    i impressed by the efforts of mr. nasir malik, the editor of http://www.urdusukhan.com and i aprricate all the participants of web because this effort remember me my home land.
    Usman Atta
    Taiwan (ROC)

  4. Sadaf Zahra says

    achi shairy hay. good

  5. Sarfraz Anjum says

    I really love this particular article. good one.

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